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Welcome, dear friends!
If you are already at this page – it means you are eager to improve your English skills.
Congratulations! You’ve come to the right place.
Our movie sessions take place every week: 43, Nemanskaya Street, Minsk (Kamennaya Gorka). 

We invite all those who have the level pre-intermediate and higher to join our Movie-Club.
We don’t waste time on watching the movie in class. Each of you is given the task to watch a movie during the week. In class we discuss the movie according to a special plan. This plan of the discussion includes different aspects:

  • the setting;pickup_by_320
  • protagonist, antagonist;
  • psychological portraits of the main characters;
  • the climax of the movie (the most exciting moments in the movie)
  • the plot;
  • the director’s work;
  • the value of the movie, etc.

During the discussion we watch the most touching moments on a big screen, drink tea/coffee, and eat pop-corn.
This method will ensure you with new vocabulary and fluency in speaking.

The duration of 1 session- 60 min (fee 7$ per person).

We hope you’ll find our movie-club useful.

Получить подробную консультацию и записаться в группу Вы можете по телефонам или через заявку:

+375 29 366-78-11 и +375 29 275-76-61

Ждем Вас!